TOLNA tourist attractions

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Covering the area of the Transdanubian Uplands, Tolna lies in southern Hungary. It is an agricultural area with small towns where you can find historic churches and castles.

The capital of the county, Szekszárd, has a history dating back to the 11th century, but most of its buildings were built in the 19th century. At the market square you can see charming tenements, many of which bear the features of the Art Nouveau style.

The region's greatest wealth is its nature. On the Danube and Drawa, which are the main rivers of the area, there are swamps inhabited by large colonies of birds. A large part of them is under protection of the Danube-Drawa National Park, which is a paradise for ornithologists.

In Tolny you can also see some interesting castles. The most important of them is located in Simontornya and dates from the 13th century, although the current appearance is due to the Renaissance reconstruction. Another castle can be seen in Ozora, while in Lengyel is the residence of the Apponyi family.