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Samuel Dioszegi Botanical Garden

Local name: Diószegi Sámuel Iskolai Botanikus Kert

The Botanical Garden of Sámuel Diószegi has an area of about 2.2 hectares. This garden collects mainly native species, but also has a unique bamboo collection on the national scale, which includes over eighty species. There are also over a thousand different types of trees growing in the garden. The collection of plants belonging to the garden is constantly expanded.

The Botanical Garden of Sámuel Diószegi belongs to the Junior High School and College of Karolya Kósa. The school and botanical garden were founded at the same time in 1983. The garden's patron is Sámuel Diószegi (1761-1813), a famous Hungarian botanist who was closely associated with Debrecen throughout his life.

In addition to the lush vegetation in the garden, you can also see the bust of the patron. The sculpture depicts Sámuel Diószegi in a thoughtful pose with a flower in his hand. The bust is the work of one of the college teachers, Viktor Hlavács, and made of granite.


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