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Fejer is a committee covering central parts of Hungary, west of the Danube, on the slopes of the Vértes hills. Its capital is Székesfehérvár with a nice old town and hot springs.

The region is located near Budapest and due to the diverse landscape with small hills it is a frequent destination for one-day trips of the capital's inhabitants. Lake Velence is very popular, with sandy beaches, water equipment rentals and bicycle paths along its shores.

Another good place to relax is the Pakozd park, where among the woods and meadows you can walk for hours or ride a bike. Herds of horses often graze on pastures, and an additional attraction is the vineyard in the park.

The capital of Fejer, Székesfehérvár is a city with a very long history closely related to the history of Hungary. Here are the ruins of the medieval coronation cathedral of the Hungarian kings, which was also a royal necropolis. Most of the city's buildings are much later because of the 18th and 19th century, but the number of churches, decorative tenement houses and cobbled streets will satisfy everyone who is looking for a city full of monuments.

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