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The easternmost county of Hungary, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, is squeezed between the borders of Ukraine and Romania. It is an agricultural region with the capital in Nyíregyháza and several interesting castles.

The landscape of the region is formed by low hills and plains covered with sunflower and corn fields. Among them you can see small towns with buildings consisting of adjacent low houses. In many of them stand Gothic churches with soaring towers topped with covered shingle spiers.

The capital of the county, Nyíregyháza, is an industrial city with no significant monuments. In addition to several churches, neoclassical public buildings and a wooden Swiss villa, you can also visit one of the few zoos in Hungary.

An important place on the map of the region is the small towns of Mariapocs. One of the main Marian shrines of Hungary is located here. in the baroque monastery church there is a painting of the Mother of God, which according to the message at the end of the 17th century was crying with real tears.

There are also several interesting castles and palaces in the county. The most famous are Batorych Castle in Nyírbátor, Vaja Castle and Andrássy's residence in Tiszadob.

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