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Memento Park

Local name: Memento Park

Memento Park, also known as Memorial Park, is an exhibition of monuments from the communist era in Hungary. The exhibition is located in the open air and has the form of a park where visitors stroll between statues of figures such as Lenin, Marx or Engels, or more abstract monuments, such as the image of the Hungarian-Soviet Friendship.

There are 42 statues in the park, which were built in 1945-1989. One of the park's most characteristic elements are Stalin's shoes - a remnant of the great image of Stalin that was overthrown during the 1956 revolution. For many Hungarians it is a symbol of the fight for freedom.

The idea of creating this type of museum arose with the fall of communism, when monuments from this period began to be removed very quickly. According to the creator and originator of the park, Ákos Eleőd, this is a place that speaks about dictatorship, but also about democracy, because only in democratic conditions can one talk freely about dictatorship.


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