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The capital and largest city of Germany is a place with a rich history and many tourist attractions. Its symbol is the Brandenburg Gate built on the pattern of the triumphal arch. The most valuable museums, which collect ancient monuments, are located on the Museum Island.

From the beginning of its existence Berlin has played an important role in German countries. It was the capital of the march, Kingdom of Prussia, and also the empire. After World War II, it was in the GDR, but the city itself was divided into a zone of American and Soviet influence, which from 1961 was separated by a wall. Its remains are currently one of the tourist attractions reminding of the years of communist rule.

Berlin suffered greatly in the final phase of World War II and its buildings were largely raised from ruins. In addition to the Brandenburg Gate, the most important buildings in the city include the Bundestag building with a modern, glass dome, the Memorial Church preserved at the end of the war, and the Charlottenburg Palace located on the outskirts. Many tourists are also attracted to the Museum Island, which includes Pergamon Museum with art collections of the Ancient East, Egyptian Museum and Old National Gallery.

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