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Checkpoint Charlie

Local name: Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was a border crossing between the German Democratic Republic and West Berlin during the Cold War. Exhibitions dedicated to the expansion, history and significance of the checkpoint have been prepared for visitors. Visiting is made more attractive by the possibility of taking a photo with sentries or obtaining a border control stamp from the occupation zone of your choice.

The passage was located on the Berlin Wall and operated in the years 1961-1990. Currently, it houses the Berlin Wall Museum, an outdoor gallery and a symbolic border control point with a copy of the guardhouse - the original building is located in the Allied Museum in Berlin.

The Berlin Wall Museum was founded in 1963 by historian Rainer Hildebrandt. The facility's collection includes documents regarding the process of securing borders and successful escapes, which were contributed by cars, balloons, chair lifts, and even a miniature submarine.


Attractions inside

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