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Jewish Museum

Local name: Jüdisches Museum

The Jewish Museum consists of two connected buildings: the former court building and a modern building erected for the museum, designed by the world-famous architect, born in Łódź, Daniel Libeskind. The museum documents 2000 years of Jewish presence in European culture.

Part designed by Libeskind, with an area of 15 thousand. m2, is a structure reminiscent of the squeezed Star of David. It is pierced by five shafts called "Void" (they have no air conditioning and artificial lighting, they are made of raw concrete) and three horizontal communication axes - symbols of continuity, emigration and the Holocaust.

Opened in 2001, the museum combines traditional museum exhibitions with works of modern art. One of the most moving places is the installation of "Shalechet" by Menasze Kadiszman - thousands of metal human faces arranged on the floor, which make a screaming sound under their feet.


Attractions inside

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