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German Museum of Technology

Local name: Deutsches Technikmuseum

The German Museum of Technology is a science and technology museum gathering vehicles, devices and equipment that was used for air, water and land transport. Among the exhibits are such curiosities as the Cessna 172 aircraft, which 19-year-old Mathias Rust in 1987 flew illegally from Germany to Moscow (landed near Red Square and the Kremlin).

Other gems of the collection include the famous Stukas dive bomber (named after the characteristic sound of sirens launched during the attack), the V-1 flying bomb or Messerschmitt Bf 110 - one of the three surviving copies to this day. The museum, based in the former engine house, boasts a rich collection of several dozen locomotives, including the iconic Prussian steam locomotive S 10, produced in 1910-1914.

In addition to means of communication per 25 thousand m2 of exhibition space, you can see exhibitions dedicated to industrial production, energy, shipping and IT.

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Trebbiner Straße 910963 Berlin , Germany