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Topography of Terror

Local name: Topographie des Terrors

Topography of Terror is a museum founded in the area of several square kilometers, in the place of the former seat of the Gestapo, SS, SD and the Reich Main Security Office from 1933-1945. The museum opened in 2010 documents and presents acts of terror and genocide all over Europe.

The museum's offer includes permanent exhibitions "Topography of terror. SS and Reich Security Main Office in Wilhelm and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße "and" Berlin 1933-1945. Between propaganda and terror. " The first is an attempt to reconstruct the structure (subordination, dependence, leadership) of the institution of repression of the Third Reich. The second shows the impact of Nazi propaganda on the life of Berlin. The exhibition consists of photos, newspaper clippings, films and materials in multimedia kiosks.

The third offer in the permanent offer is a trip around the area and historic buildings under the management of the museum. There are 15 boards along the route informing about the purpose and functions of particular objects that have changed over the years.


Attractions inside

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