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Gardens of the World

Local name: Gärten der Welt

Gärten der Welt, or the Gardens of the World is a botanical park, composed among others from Chinese, Japanese, Balinese, Korean, Moroccan, Christian and Italian style gardens. The garden has very modern equipment, its own observation tower, cable car, playgrounds, exhibition halls and restaurants. Concerts, light installation shows and exhibitions take place here.

Gärten der Welt, created on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Berlin, was made available to the public in 1987. The large recreational area (currently 43 ha) was initially a traditional park - the first garden (in Chinese style) was established only in 2000. Since then, the garden has doubled the area and transformed into a cultural and recreational center, which boasts the most beautiful garden in Berlin.

One of the Gärten der Welt gardens is named after Karl Förster (1874-1970) - a famous German gardener and plant breeder who created 370 new varieties, including flowering plants, mainly linden and asters.

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