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Friedrichsfelde Castle

Local name: Schloss Friedrichsfelde

Schloss Friedrichsfelde is a seventeenth-century castle in whose park the Tierpark Garden was founded - currently the largest zoo in Europe. The castle, which he built in 1685 by the merchant and privateer Benjamin Raule, was rebuilt several times. It obtained its current classicist form in 1800. It has been restored and fully equipped to host concerts, balls and dance events.

Benjamin Raule was a Dutch merchant who, after losing a fortune as a result of the Dutch war of 1672-1678, offered his privateer services to the Brandenburg elector Frederick Wilhelm I. The successes of plundering sea expeditions meant that Raule moved to Berlin, where he held high offices and rebuilt fortune, which allowed the construction of the castle. Just before his death, Raule fell out of favor, and all his property, along with the castle then known as Rosenfelde, became the property of the monarch, whose order the name of the castle was changed to Friedrichsfelde.


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