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Peace Church

Local name: Friedenskirche

Located inside: Sanssouci Park

The church complex was built in the mid-nineteenth century in accordance with the guidelines of King Frederick William IV. It lies within the Sanssouci Park, which is under the patronage of UNESCO. The baroque mausoleum adjoins the temple, which was the burial place of members of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

The church has the form of an early Christian basilica, and its nave is 13.5 m high and towers over the aisles. The main temple is surrounded by buildings, and the whole is associated with a medieval Italian monastery. It is worth visiting the inner courtyard surrounded by cloisters. In its center stands a fountain, and next to it a life-size marble figure of Christ.

The interior design of the church was modeled on early Christian temples. The apse is decorated with the original 13th-century Venetian mosaic from the 13th century. It depicts Christ Pantokrator, next to which stand Maria of Nazareth and John the Baptist.

Peace Church map
Am Grünen Gitter 314469 Potsdam , Germany