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Brandenburg is a large federal state in eastern Germany that surrounds Berlin's capital. The capital of the federal state is Potsdam with many beautiful palaces, while the region is also famous for the charming land of canals, forests and small towns, Sprewald.

Palaces and parks of Potsdam have been inscribed on the UNESCO list. The building complex, drowning in greenery and flowers, is characterized by exceptional splendor. The most important palaces of the city are Sanssouci, Babelsberg and the Neues Garten complex.

Tropical Island is a very popular attraction of Brandenburg. It is a water park built in a huge hall, which recreated the conditions in a tropical climate. In addition to swimming pools, beaches, slides, there are gardens with plants from hot areas of the earth and a complex of saunas.

Sprewald stretches south of Potsdam. It is a land intersected by hundreds of canals on which you can sail boats and barges. A barge holiday is also one of Brandenburg's attractions. The lakes here and the channels connecting them are great for this type of recreation.

Brandenburg is a region that promotes active tourism. In addition to canoeing and boating, bike trails and roller-skating on forest trails are very popular. There is also an unusual bicycle museum founded by Didi Senf.

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