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Classic Remise

Local name: Classic Remise

Classic Remise is a live automotive museum opened in 2003 in the old tram depot. It is a combination of an exhibition of antique cars, garages for rent, numerous workshops for the repair and renovation of antique cars and representatives of car concerns, producers of automotive equipment and accessories.

Anyone who has an interesting car and wants to show it to others can rent a garage in the form of a glass box and leave their car in it. He can also take them at any time. As a result, the Classic Remise exhibition is in constant evolution: changes in its arrangement, content and location of individual car models occur virtually every day.

Vintage models dominate Classic Remise. With an old car model, you can order a full restaurant for a fee at local plants that specialize in renovating car bodies, upholstery, windows, engine repairs, as well as searching for or restoring original parts.


Attractions inside

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    Wiebestraße 36 – 3710553 Berlin , Germany