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Berlin Zoo

Local name: Zoologischer Garten Berlin

The Zoological Garden was founded in the second half. XIX century and is the oldest zoo in Germany and one of the largest gardens in the world. The ZOO was entered on the list of historic buildings. In an area of over 33 ha, you can admire over 19,000 animals representing over 4,000 species, including endangered species. The biggest attractions of the object include: penguins, hippos and Fatou gorilla. Sightseeing is diversified by animal feeding shows and an underground animal pavilion located below.

The zoo was opened in 1844, and the first animals inhabited in it were a gift of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV Hohenzollern. During World War II, the ZOO was completely destroyed, only 91 animals survived.

The Berlin ZOO was the home of Bao Bao, the oldest panda in captivity, and Knut, the polar bear born in captivity and raised by man.


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Hardenbergplatz 810787 Berlin , Germany