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Victory Column

Local name: Siegessäule

Siegessäule, or the Victory Column, is a monument unveiled in 1873 commemorating the victories of Prussia over Denmark and in the war with Austria and France. The column is crowned with a 8.3-meter sculpture of Nike (Victoria) weighing 35 tons. The total height of the column is 66.89 m. At a height of 50.66 m there is a viewing platform to which a spiral staircase inside the column, 285 degrees, leads.

Siegessäule owes its current location and height to Adolf Hitler. It was on his order in 1938–1939 that the column standing on Królewski Square next to today's Reichstag was moved and raised by one floor. The Victory Column is one of the best vantage points in Berlin.

The Nike figure is the work of Friedrich Drake, a German artist who was famous for monumental sculptural works. After unveiling the monument, the sculptor was sharply criticized for the lack of proportions (the figure was too large for the size of the column), and his work was called "clumsy".


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