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Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Local name: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is an evangelical temple built in 1895 in honor of King William I. The temple was severely damaged during World War II. The current appearance of the church is a combination of a nineteenth-century ruin with a modern nave on an octagonal plan, a hexagonal bell tower and a four-sided nave and porch, whose walls are made of 30 thousand. glass elements.

The Memorial Church was the work of architect Franz Schwechten, who built a monumental temple with five towers - one of them reached 113 meters and was then the tallest building in Berlin. The church enjoyed great recognition - under its influence the neo-Romanesque style spread throughout Germany.

The modern part of the church was built in 1961 according to the design of Egon Eiermann, one of the most important representatives of German modernism. His concept was to demolish the previous temple. After a stormy social debate, a decision was made to preserve the ruin.


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