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Berlin Aquarium

Local name: Aquarium Berlin

Located inside: Berlin Zoo

The facility was founded in the first half Of the twentieth century and is part of the Berlin Zoological Garden. It is the oldest and largest public aquarium in Europe. Its water reservoirs and terrariums contain over 13,000 animals representing over 1,000 species of coral, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

The most interesting aquarium objects include: the Great Coral Pool with lagoon, tropical rainforest, the largest lizards in the world - Komodo dragons and endangered New Zealand endemics - hatteria. Particularly popular are the exotic species of snakes and crocodiles: yellow anacondas, pythons, white and pygmy caimans and ganges.
The aquarium also deals with the protection and breeding of endangered species, including jellyfish, corals, coral fish and even black fin sharks.

Feeding shows, night tours, rallies and educational activities have been prepared for the youngest.


Attractions inside

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    Budapester Straße 3210787 Berlin , Germany