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Schloss Charlottenburg

Local name: Schloss Charlottenburg

The Charlottenburg Palace was originally called Lietzenburg and was a gift from Frederick I to Zofia Charlotte's wife. After her death in 1705, the king gave the palace and garden the name Charlottenburg. Currently, it is one of the most magnificent and most beautiful architectural complexes in Berlin. It serves as a museum - most of the restored rooms have been made available to visitors.

The central part of the palace was established in 1699. Work on the dome and the garden lasted for several years. The construction was stopped after the death of Frederick I in 1713. Only his grandson, Frederick II the Great, became interested in Charlottenburg. In the years 1740-1746 a rococo New Palace was built. In the following decades, heating was installed, a conservatory, a court theater, a classical belvedere, and the mausoleum of Queen Louise, wife of Frederick William III.

After the destruction of World War II, Charlottenburg was rebuilt only in 1966 - interior reconstruction continued for the next 40 years.


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