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Castle garden Charlottenburg

Local name: Schlossgarten Charlottenburg

Schlossgarten Charlottenburg is the first French-style baroque garden founded in Germany surrounding the largest palace of Berlin - Charlottenburg. The 60-hectare recreation area is intended for walks (in the gardens and along the River Spree), picnics and relaxation in the open air surrounded by magnificent vegetation, works of sculptural art and historic architecture.

The history of the garden began in 1697, when Zofia Charlotta, wife of King Frederick I, delighted with the new style of gardening used by the French gardener André Le Nôtre, commissioned his student Siméon Godeau to arrange the palace park in Charlottenburg.

A garden was created full of geometric patterns - with alleys, a moat, a small belvedere, statues, fountains, impressive boxwood-gravel embroidery and citrus plants. It also contains the mausoleum of Luiza Mecklenburg-Strelitz - the wife of King Frederick William III, who died in only 34 years.

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