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Müggel Lake

Local name: Müggelsee

Müggelsee is Berlin's largest lake with an area of 7.4 km2. It is part of the federal Müggelspree waterway. Müggelsee and its surroundings is a popular recreational area - ideal for hiking and cycling trips, picnics and sports activities. During the season, several bathing areas operate here, and from the center of Berlin you can reach the Müggelsee by cruise ship.

The lake is also called Großer Müggelsee to distinguish it from the small 0.15 km2 small Müggelsee, located 750 m away. Müggelsee has supplied Berlin with water since the 19th century. Currently, a tourist attraction is the Museum im Alten Wasserwerk, in which you can see a water pumping station from 1893 still working today.

On May 24, 1932, Müggelsee was the landing site of the largest passenger aircraft in the world at that time - Doniera Do X. It was a six-propeller "flying boat" which was returning just after a two-year flight to the Americas.


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