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New Guardhouse

Local name: Neue Wache

Nowy Odwach is a classicist edifice, erected in the years 1816-1818 to be used as a royal guard post and as a form of commemoration of soldiers killed in the Napoleonic wars. He also fulfills this function as a Central Memorial Site of the Federal Republic of Germany. The minimalist interior has the sculpture Käthe Kollwitz "Mother and deceased son".

The arrangement is the work of Heinrich Tessenov, whose initiative in 1930 a round skylight was made in the ceiling and a 2-meter black granite pedestal was installed in the center of the room. A wreath made of silver, gold and platinum hung by Ludwig Gies was hung on the pedestal. The decor was complemented by two bronze candelabra.

New Odwach was seriously damaged during World War II. After the reconstruction in 1960, the damaged pedestal was removed, and during the renovation in 1993 an enlarged copy of the Kollwitz sculpture was placed under the skylight.


Attractions inside

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    Unter den Linden 410117 Berlin , Germany