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Berlin Cathedral

Local name: Berliner Dom

Located inside: Museum Island

The Berlin Cathedral is an evangelical temple, one of the largest churches in Berlin, capable of housing 1,500 faithful. It was built in the years 1894-1905 in the style of the Italian Renaissance on the site of a smaller, Baroque building. In the basement of the cathedral there is a crypt, in which lies several dozen representatives of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

The history of the first temple on the island of Spreeinsel dates back to 1450, when the Erasmus Chapel was erected in the place of today's cathedral, soon raised to the status of a collegiate church. In the following centuries, the cathedral was rebuilt, and in the nineteenth century it was recognized that the existing baroque building did not represent the monarchy with dignity and was demolished to make room for a new temple. The main altar was moved from the previous church to the current building.

On May 24, 1944, an incendiary bomb hit the dome of the cathedral, starting a fire in the wooden plating. The lantern, crowning the dome, fell inside the church, piercing the vault of the Hohenzollern crypt. The cathedral was not rebuilt until 1975.


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