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Pergamon Museum

Local name: Pergamonmuseum

Located inside: Museum Island

Pergamonmuseum is one of the five institutions that make up the Museum Island. It was established in 1910–1930 according to the design of Ludwig Hoffmann. It has wonderful collections of antiquity, including a huge collection of Hellenistic sculpture. Its most famous attraction is the reconstructed Great Altar of Zeus (Pergamon altar).

The altar was built in 180-160 BC in Pergamon in honor of the victory over the Galatians (Celts) in the 3rd century BC. Around 700, parts of the ruined altar were used to build defensive walls. They were found during excavations in 1878-1880, conducted by a German archaeological expedition. Transported to Berlin, they were used for the reconstruction that took place in 1911-1930.

The Pergamonmuseum also has many other valuable reconstructions, including the Ishtar Gate (Babylonian building from the 6th century BC) and the facade of the Mszatta Palace (the medieval residence of the Caliphs in Jordan).


Attractions inside

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    Bodestraße 1-310178 Berlin , Germany