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Tropical Islands

Local name: Tropical Islands

The object, commonly known as the "tropical island" is located in the largest self-supporting hangar in the world and is divided into themed parts: Tropical Village, Tropical Forest with unique flora and the South Sea and the Lagoon with many pools and water attractions.

The first section of the facility, Tropical Village, is a kind of modern open-air museum of original aquatic buildings, mainly from around Thailand, Borneo, Samoa and Bali.
The next part of the park is the Tropical Forest, where guests can see over 50,000 plants belonging to over 600 species.

The South Sea consists of a 4,400-square-meter pool, a 200-meter beach with deckchairs for guests, and various slides.
The last part of the park is Laguna, i.e. the zone in which there are Jacuzzis, waterfalls and subsequent slides.


Attractions inside

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    Tropical-Islands-Allee 115910 Halbe , Germany