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Spandau Citadel

Local name: Zitadelle Spandau

The Spandauer Citadel is a bastion fortress built between 1559-1594 in Spandau (now a district of Berlin). On its territory is Juliusturm - the 13th-century defensive tower, the oldest building in Berlin. Currently, the citadel is Berlin's "cultural island" - a place of numerous exhibitions, concerts and theater events.

Juliusturm is a vantage point from which, in good weather, you can see the radio and television tower at Alexanderplatz. Stairs leading to the top are 153 steps. The tower, whose walls are over 3.5 m thick, served as a treasury in the nineteenth century, in which after winning the war with France in 1870-1871, spoils were stored.

In the museum located in the citadel you can see, among others a collection of dismantled, unwanted monuments from various parts of Germany - sculptures of the infamous heroes of the past, headed by the monumental head of Lenin.

Spandau Citadel map
Am Juliusturm 6413599 Berlin , Germany