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Tears Palace

Local name: Tränenpalast

Tränenpalast, i.e. the Palace of Tears is an exit hall from the city and long-distance rail lines at the Friedrichstraße border crossing, which operated in the years 1961-1989. The name Palace of Tears comes from the dramatic farewells and partings of those who could enter West Berlin with those who were threatened with repression for attempting to leave. A social museum is currently operating here, presenting the history of Tränenpalast at the permanent exhibition.

In order to travel to West Berlin, you had to stand in front of the Palace of Tears in a queue for initial document checking. The next stage was a detailed search - forbidden goods, publications and money, the possession of which was strictly prohibited. Then the documents were checked again.

Details of the briefing, interviews with witnesses of that time, photos and documents are presented at the permanent exhibition "Everyday division of Germany", which was opened by Chancellor Angela Merkel personally on September 14, 2011.


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