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Sea Life Berlin

Local name: Sea Life Berlin

AquaDom & SEA LIFE is a set of giant aquariums with about 4,000 sea creatures - fish, mussels, jellyfish, rays, seahorses. The main attraction is AquaDom - the world's largest sea water aquarium. Made of organic glass (Plexiglas), a cylinder-shaped object with a height of 16 m and a diameter of 11.5 m was placed on a 9-meter foundation. It weighs 2,000 tons, holds one million liters of salt water, in which about 1,500 fish live.

In the center of the aquarium there is a real coral reef, which is a decorative element and at the same time a shelter for 100 species of fish. A big attraction is the opportunity to watch cleaning works in the tank, which are handled by a team of divers. Visits during daily feeding of fish are also very popular.

AquaDom was built by the American company International Concept Management, Inc., specializing in building giant aquariums and water parks. The construction cost was nearly EUR 13 million. AquaDom is located in the Radisson Blu hotel and is part of the DomAquarée hotel and conference complex.


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