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Church of St. Nicholas

Local name: Nikolaikirche

The Nikolaikirche is the oldest temple in Berlin, its origins date back to 1230, when a late Roman basilica was erected here, the foundations of which have survived to this day. In the following centuries the church was extended many times - for the last time in 1876-1878, when it was given its current form, which is a spectacular example of brick Gothic. Currently, the temple serves as a museum.

The church's furnishings are very modest and the walls are devoid of decorations. This is a consequence of the damage that this object suffered during World War II during the battles for Berlin. Only the side walls and inter-nave pillars have survived from the once impressive building.

The church remained in ruins until the mid-1980s. It was rebuilt in 1982-1987. Due to the good acoustics it became a concert hall. Currently, there is also an exhibition devoted to the history of the church and city.


Attractions inside

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    Nikolaikirchplatz 10178 Berlin , Germany