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Aviary on the Peacock Island

Local name: Voliére auf der Pfaueninsel

The aviary was built in the first half Of the nineteenth century and is now the only remnant of the menagerie located on the island. The author of the project was gardener Peter Joseph Lenné, who, at the behest of King Frederick William III, transformed most of the island into an English-style landscape garden. The facility is inhabited by many species of birds, including exotic ones. Particular interest is enjoyed by peacocks, which often lose their colorful feathers.

In the nineteenth century menagerie there were over 800 animals. In addition to bird aviaries, buildings for llamas, monkeys, lions and kangaroos, a deer farm and a bison and brown bear enclosure were created. A beaver bay and a pond for water birds were also created. Most of the animals were transferred to the Berlin Zoological Garden shortly after Frederick William IV took the throne, who did not share his father's zoological interests.


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