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Peacock Island

Local name: Pfaueninsel

Pavia Wyspa is a nature reserve located on the Havel River. The area belongs to a group of palaces and park complexes in Potsdam and Berlin, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990. The island is adorned with over 400 centuries-old oaks and a park in the style of an English landscaped garden, designed by Peter Joseph Lenné. The white palace imitating a romantic ruin, which impresses with its early Classicist interior, has become a showcase of the object.

The palace was built in the first half Of the eighteenth century at the request of King Frederick Wilhelm II for the mistress, later official metress - Wilhelmina Encke. Despite two marriages, the king was in a relationship with Wilhelmina until her death and gave her the nobility of Countess von Lichtenau.

The name of the island comes from 1795, when Frederick Wilhelm II brought the first exotic animals - peacocks to the island. Earlier, the area was called Ostrów Króliczy because of the rabbit farming on the island.


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