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Palace on Peacock Island

Local name: Schloss Pfaueninsel

Schloss auf der Pfaueninsel is a wooden palace in a romantic style, built on Peacock Island on the river Haveli. The palace was built on the orders of Frederick William II, who needed an intimate meeting place with his lover, Wilhelmina Encke. In 1990 the palace was on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The building was built without architectural supervision - it was a freely invented composition of a pair of lovers who styled it to be at the time "fashionable ruin". Wilhelmina arranged the interiors, not preferring any particular style - next to the room decorated with Greek bronzes, in the palace there was a Tahitian style lounge.

Friedrich Wilhelm did not have the opportunity to take advantage of the charm of the palace - he died in the year of construction (1797). From 1840, the building was practically uninhabited - it was not rebuilt and survived unchanged to this day, together with the original equipment.


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