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French Cathedral

Local name: Französischer Dom

Französischer Dom - the neoclassical French Cathedral, built in 1701-1705 by the Huguenot community that escaped from France after the Nantes edict was lifted. The object was modeled on the Huguenot church in Charenton-Saint-Maurice. It obtained its current shape in 1785 after adding the tower and porticos. Currently, it houses the Huguenot Museum.

The museum, founded in 1935, collects and presents on a permanent exhibition documents, manuscripts, paintings and books documenting the history and contribution of the Huguenots to the development of Berlin, as well as the culture and craftsmanship of all Brandenburg and Prussia in the 18th century. The exhibition discusses in detail the reasons for the refugee refugees. cathedral history.

Famous personalities coming from the German Huguenot community belonged, among others painter and draftsman Daniel Mikołaj Chodowiecki and writer and journalist Theodor Fontane.


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