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Neues Museum

Local name: Neues Museum

Located inside: Museum Island

The Neues Museum is one of the attractions of the Museum Island, where a collection of Egyptian art and archaeological collections from prehistoric, ancient and early Middle Ages are presented. The museum is famous for the bust of Queen Nefretete (Nefertiti, Nafteta) from 1340 BC - a model of female beauty and the most widely recognized symbol of the art of ancient Egypt.

The Neues Museum was established in the years 1843–1855 according to the design of the Prussian architect Friedrich August Stüler (his work is also the building of the Alte Nationalgalerie). During World War II, the building was almost completely destroyed, and reconstruction began only in the 1990s after the reunification of Germany. After the reconstruction, the museum was inaugurated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2009.

Worthy of note is the archaeological collection of several thousand exhibits, which includes, among others finds of Johann Ludwig Heinrich Julius Schliemann - explorer of Troy, Mycenae and Tyryns.


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