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Old National Gallery

Local name: Alte Nationalgalerie

Located inside: Museum Island

The Alte Nationalgalerie, or the Old National Gallery, is one of the attractions of Berlin's Museum Island. Her collections and exhibitions focus on painting and sculpture of the nineteenth century. Three exhibition levels gather the works of the greatest representatives of naturalism and Jugendstil, German realism and expressionism as well as neoclassicism and works of the romantic trend.

The beginning of the Alte Nationalgalerie collection was the collection of Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Wagener (1782-1861) - a German banker and patron of the arts. Currently, the Old National Gallery has nearly 4 thousand. paintings and sculptures. The permanent exhibition usually presents about 400 paintings and 100 sculptural works.

Opened in 1876, the building of the Alte Nationalgalerie was stylized as an ancient temple, built in accordance with the principles of the Corinthian order. The monumental stairs leading to the building are crowned with the equestrian statue of Emperor Frederick William IV, by Alexander Calandrelli.


Attractions inside

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    Bodestraße 1-310178 Berlin , Germany