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Cathedral of St. Sebastian

Local name: Kathedral St. Sebastian

The church Sebastian was built in the second half. Of the 19th century in the neo-Gothic style. This Roman Catholic temple is on the list of historic buildings. The hallmark of the church is a decorated rosette placed on the top of the transept and a bas-relief of St. Sebastian by Nikolaus Geiger. The stone image of crayfish located on the church tower and the interior of the church, with particular emphasis on the main altar, pulpit and tabernacle arouses special interest of visitors.

The author of the design of the temple, according to the model of the church of St. Elizabeth in Marburg, was the architect Max Hasak. Originally, the cathedral had 1000 seats and 3000 standing places. The religious building was erected in the garden square, where the gallows was located until 1837 and public executions took place.

The church was destroyed during World War II. After the war, masses were initially celebrated in the open air. The reconstruction of the temple was completed in 1950.


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