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Castle Bridge

Local name: Schlossbrücke

The Castle Bridge was built in the first half Of the nineteenth century on the site of the fifteenth century Dogs Bridge at the behest of King Frederick William III of Prussia. The author of the design was the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The bridge marks the eastern end of the famous Unter den Linden (Aleja pod Lipami). The building was decorated with eight marble sculptures that depict warriors following the goddess Nike.

The first of the sculptures stood on the pedestal only 20 years after the construction of the bridge was completed, while the last one after 30 years. Each of the sculptures has a different title and was created by a different German sculptor, whose designs won the competition. The monuments were connected by a balustrade according to the design of Schinkel, on which one can see mythological and marine motifs.

In 1823, a ceremonial procession was held on the unfinished bridge on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Frederick William IV with Princess Elizabeth Ludovika of Bavaria. As a result of the destruction of wooden barriers by the crowd, 22 people drowned.


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