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Bellevue Castle

Local name: Schloss Bellevue

Bellevue Palace is a vast, picturesquely located on the River Spree, a palace complex erected in 1786 by Prussian prince August Ferdinand. The name Bellvue comes from the combined French words belle and vue, which means "beautiful view". After the reunification of Germany moved here in 1994, it became the residence of the President of Germany.

Bellevue Palace was built according to the design of Michael Philipp Boumann. It was the first building in the neoclassical style built in Germany. It was surrounded by a park, which currently has an area of 20 ha. The building was the seat of the Hohenzollern dynasty princes until the German Revolution (1918-1919). In the years 1844-1865 the Vaterländische Gallery (Patriotic Gallery) operated here, which made the castle the first museum of contemporary art in Prussia.

During National Socialism, after Hitler took dictatorial power, from 1938 the castle was an exclusive guesthouse for Nazi dignitaries.


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