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Greece is the country where European civilization was born. Tourists are attracted above all by ancient monuments and the fame of one of the greatest powers of the ancient world. It is also worth remembering about interesting monuments from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Greece is often described as a holiday paradise. The long and fragmented shoreline, dozens of larger and smaller islands, warm sea and long summer make millions of tourists come here.

The capital of the country, Athens, is a city synonymous with the ancient world. Above the new and not very interesting buildings is the Acropolis hill with the ruins of the temple complex. On its slopes and at the foot you can see the remains of agora, theaters and other public buildings. Objects discovered during excavations are presented at the Acropolis Museum and the National Museum. In the vicinity of ancient monuments there are streets with numerous shops and restaurants.

But ancient monuments can also be admired in other parts of Greece. In the northeastern part of the Peloponnese Peninsula are the ruins of ancient Mycenae with the tomb of Agamemnon and Epidaurus, where the largest ancient theater in the world rises. In the vicinity of the Corinth Canal dug at the end of the 19th century, one can admire the ruins of ancient Corinth, and in the west Peloponnese ancient Olympia, where the history of the Olympic Games began. Delphi located in the mountains of Parnassus with the amazing temple of Athena are also very famous.

However, Greece is not only ancient monuments. The eagerly visited places include the group of Orthodox monasteries located on the rocks - Meteora. In turn, on the Peloponnese Peninsula you can admire the abandoned Byzantine city of Mystras, whose ruins occupying the slope of the hill, were inscribed on the UNESCO list.

Surrounded from the east, west and south by the waters of the warm seas, Greece is a great place to relax. Popular beaches are located, among others on the so-called Olympic Riviera, near the town of Loutraki near Athens, near Nafplio, Tolo and on the southern edge of the Peloponnese. The real holiday paradise are the Greek islands, including Crete, Zakynthos, Rhodes and Kos.

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