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East Macedonia and Thrace is the Greek region least visited by tourists. It lies on the Aegean coast and can offer beautiful uncrowded beaches as well as interesting monuments including the ancient city of Philippi.

The region's most famous city is Kavala with a large yacht and fishing port, beaches and rich nightlife. A castle from the Venetian reign is erected here, as well as Imaret, an Islamic religious, educational and charity center built in the 19th century with typical eastern architecture. Currently, a luxury hotel operates in this building.

Near Kavala is the region's most famous archaeological site, the ancient city of Philippi. The ruins of residential buildings, agora, temples, as well as the prison in which Saint Paul was to be kept were preserved. For this reason, Philippi is a popular pilgrimage destination along the Apostle's trail.

The main holiday resort of Eastern Macedonia is Aleksandroupoli famous for its monumental lighthouse. There are long, sandy beaches here, and the seaside district is full of bars, restaurants and discos. Ferries to Rhodes and Kos leave from the port.


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