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Western Greece includes the northwestern Peloponnese and part of mainland Greece by the Ionian Sea. The main city here is Patra, and the most important monument is the ruins of ancient Olympia. The mountains are conducive to active tourism.

The northwestern part of Peloponnese is known primarily from the archaeological site in Olympia. It includes the sanctuary of Zeus, where the famous Olympic Games were held, along with the stadium and temples of other gods. It is the most visited place by tourists in the region.

The main city of Western Greece is Patra, located in the Peloponnese. In its suburbs there is a modern Rion-Antirion bridge that connects the peninsula with mainland Greece. Patra is an important pilgrimage center associated with the figure of Saint. Andrew. Above the city is a castle from the Byzantine times.

Along the Peloponnese coast stretches a string of small holiday resorts, which are visited primarily by the Greeks. There are rocky and pebble beaches with a dark shade, above which the slopes of the Chelmos Mountains rise.

It is in them that one of the region's most important landscape attractions, the Vouraikos Gorge, is located. Its estuary is on the coast, and the beginning in Kalawricie, located at an altitude of about 700 m above sea level. You can go through the gorge by a funicular overpass flyovers and tunnels.

Kalawrita is a symbol of World War II for the Greeks. The village was pacified for helping partisans, which is now reminiscent of a mausoleum. In the vicinity of Kalawrita you can see the beautiful Lake Cave, and in the surrounding mountains there is a ski resort in the winter.

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