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Kallithea is a city built in the late nineteenth century on the occasion of the first modern Olympic Games. Is a large recreation center in Attica and a sports center.

Due to its relatively new origin, the city has almost no monuments. The exception is the late Byzantine church of Aghia Eleousa from the period when there was only a small port settlement here.

The construction of the city began in 1884 and due to the upcoming games it received a very fast tram connection with Athens. During the Olympic Games in 1896, a velodrome and a shooting range were located here.

The city was also an arena for sportsmen struggling during the 2004 Olympic Games. The Faliro sports hall was built then, and beach volleyball competitions were held on the beaches. There is also the only horse racing track in Greece.

Currently, the most important tourist facilities in Kallithea are the port with the adjacent Water Square and the Stavros Niarchos Foundations Cultural Center. SNFCC - the National Library of Greece operates within its framework, and on the roof there is SNFCC - the Viewing Terrace, from which you can admire the panorama of the coast. Around the center is the Stavros Niarchos Park, through which the SNFCC Channel flows, and the transition to the coast is possible through the Viaduct over the road.

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