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Attica is a coastal region covering the Aegean coast from the Athens area to Cape Sounio. There are numerous small holiday resorts and the capital of Greece, which is the most important attraction.

Today's administrative region covers the entire historical land of this name. In ancient times, the most important Greek city-state, i.e. Athens, flourished here. Today it belongs to the most visited cities in the world by tourists. they are attracted by ancient monuments such as the Acropolis or Agora, as well as the Plaka district of restaurants and bars.

Cape Sounio is considered the most picturesque place in Attica. The ruins of the temple of Poseidon from the 5th century BC stand here. They look particularly beautiful in the glow of the setting sun, which is reflected in the Aegean Sea.

The Saronic Islands also belong to Attica. You can get to them by ferry from Piraeus. The archipelago consists of 7 islands, the most famous of which are Hydra, Aegina and Poros. They are the purpose of trips and weekend rest. You can see coastal towns, small ports with colorful boats and ancient temples. Cars are not allowed on Hydra, and tourists can use bicycles or horse-drawn carriages.

Along the coast of the Aegean Sea there are small holiday resorts. They are primarily a place of rest for the Greeks, and tourists from abroad are just beginning to discover them. The most famous are Nea Makri, Mati and Vravrona.

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