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Athens is a city associated worldwide with the beginnings of European civilization. Their symbol is the Acropolis rising on the hill and other ancient monuments preserved to this day. They are neighbors with medieval churches and buildings from the period of the revival of Greek statehood in the 19th century.

The capital of Greece is built on several hills that provide nice views of the entire city and its monuments. The most important of them is the Acropolis, the heart of ancient Athens and the Areopagus rising next to it. The complex of ancient temples and agora located on its slopes, the theater, the odeon and the modern Acropolis Museum form one of the finest complexes of ancient monuments in the world.

However, Athens is not only antiquity. In the streets around the Acropolis you can see several valuable churches from the early Middle Ages. The famous Plaka is also here, a real paradise for shopping lovers and Greek cuisine. There are dozens of restaurants, taverns and bars serving local delicacies, as well as handicrafts and souvenir shops.

A little further you can see the monuments related to the rebirth of the Greek state in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Neoclassical buildings of the Catholic cathedral, the National Museum and the University, as well as the parliament building, in which evons in traditional costumes from northern Greece are guarded. Changing of the guard, which takes place at noon is a performance that attracts crowds of tourists.

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