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Western Macedonia is a mountainous region along the border with the state of Northern Macedonia. It offers the possibility of active tourism, especially hiking, and skiing in winter.

Historically, this region belonged in ancient times to the Macedonian state, whose rulers Philip II and Alexander the Great subordinated all of Greece and a large part of western Asia. However, it is not possible to look for significant ancient monuments here. Instead, it is worth paying attention to Byzantine and Ottoman buildings.

An important tourist center of the region is Lake Orestiada, on which lies the town of Kastoria. There is a small water sports center here, and the city itself boasts several historic churches and houses from the period of Turkish rule. Taverns and bars are located on the banks of the port. On the other hand, on Prespa Lake, which is a protected national park, you can watch birds and walk among the nature that has not been destroyed by man.

Interesting points on the map of Western Macedonia are small towns and villages. The most famous of them is Florina with the archeological and Byzantine museum, Green, in which the open-air theater operates in the summer, as well as the capital of the region, Kozani. A lot of Ottoman architecture has been preserved in the town, there is also a museum of folklore showing the culture of Macedonia.