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Crete is the largest Greek island and one of the most visited summer vacation regions in the country by tourists. combines the charm of picturesque beaches, wild landscapes of the mountainous interior, top-class monuments, including the palace of Knossos and beautiful cities with architecture from different eras.

Today's Crete is above all a place where some of the most beautiful Greek beaches are located. The most famous of them is Bolos lying in the lagoon. Nevertheless, Elafonissi is covered with fine pink sand and Vai is located in the vicinity of a palm grove. However, the coast of Crete is so long and fragmented that lovers of peaceful rest without the crowds will also find lonely coves or beaches hidden among the headlands.

The interior of Crete is mountainous and harsh. It attracts with landscapes where you can see the green spots of olive groves. There are many picturesque gorges with steep slopes. The most famous is the Samaria Gorge, where guided tours are organized. The Dikte Cave, known for its dripstone formations, is also a great landscape attraction.

Crete has been inhabited since ancient times. One of the oldest Greek civilizations, Minoan civilization, developed here. Her most famous building is the reconstructed part of the Palace of Knossos. Archaeological sites from this period can also be seen in Phaistos and Gortyn.

Crete is also known for its cities, which abound in monuments from the Venetian, Ottoman and Byzantine times. Among them, the most famous are Chania, Rethymno and the capital of the island of Heraklion.

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