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Central Greece covers the mountainous areas of Parnassus, which picturesquely descend towards the Corinthian Gulf. It has the famous archaeological site in Delphi, as well as ski resorts and the large island of Euboea.

Most of the region is occupied by the Parnassus mountains, which in ancient times were considered the seat of the god Apollo. It is a limestone massif, whose bare peaks are covered with snow until May. There are many hiking trails here, including those leading to the highest peak, 2457 m above sea level. The tourist center of the Parnas mountains is Arachowa, around which there are popular ski slopes in winter.

On the slopes of Parnassus, above the sea coast, is one of the most famous Greek archaeological sites, Delphi. In ancient times it housed the famous oracle and the sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. In addition to the ruins of temples, gymnasium and stadium, you can see the archaeological museum and a beautiful olive grove.

In Central Greece there are also the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes, which for some time was among the leading Greek countries. You can also visit the famous Thermopylae Gorge known for the heroic defense of the Spartans by the Persian army. At its outlet stands the statue of King Leonidas, and in the vicinity flows a public hot sulfur spring from the mountain slopes.

Central Greece also includes the second largest Greek island, Euboea. On its shores you can find nice, sand-covered beaches, and the most famous of them is Lefkandi between Chalkidia and Ertria.


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