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Denmark occupies most of the Jutland Peninsula and around 400 surrounding islands. It is flooded by the waters of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Denmark is called the land of happy people, and life seems to flow more slowly here. The country's attractions are its coast, the capital of Copenhagen and the famous Legoland.

The capital of the country, Copenhagen is a city strongly associated with the sea and cut numerous canals. In the old port and the old town you can see colorful houses with high, narrow facades. A big attraction of the city is one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe, Tivoli Gardens and the Carlsberg brewery open to the public. A separate area of Christiania, which has the status of a free city, arouses great interest of tourists. It has been inhabited by hippies and squaters since the seventies.

Lego is what is most associated with Denmark all over the world. Billund has a huge theme park, Legoland, where you can see a world built from these blocks. Another popular theme park is Bakken - Dyrehavsbakken near Copenhagen.

Denmark is the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen. The most famous fairy tale writer was born in Odense on the island of Fyn, where you can visit the writer's museum. In his gardens there is a theater, where in the summer performances based on his fairy tales.

Outside the main cities, Denmark is a country of vast heaths, small villages and endless beaches. In many places you can come across burial mounds from the Viking times, and you can learn their culture at the Viking Museum in Ribe and the Viking Boat Museum in Roskilde. A great experience is also a trip to Skagen at the end of the Jutland Peninsula, where the Baltic Sea meets the North.

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