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North Sea Oceanarium

Local name: Nordsøen Oceanarium

The modern oceanarium was built in 1998 on the North Sea coast. There are over a dozen water reservoirs, including the largest reservoir in Northern Europe. It is 22 m wide and 33 m long. It holds 4.5 million liters of water and reflects the conditions of the open North Sea. Nearly 3,000 fish live in it, including cod and ocean salmon.

There are also smaller reservoirs in the oceanarium that represent habitats from different parts of the North Sea. There is also a large seal sanctuary where you can see two species of seals native to Denmark - gray seals and harbor seals. Another attraction is an exhibition devoted to invertebrates that are invisible to the naked eye and which can be viewed under special biological scanners.


Attractions inside

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    Willemoesvej 29850 Hirtshals , Denmark